Trent Rush is an LGBTQIA+ artist originating from Dallas, Texas. His debut record entitled “Thank You. Please. I Love You. I’m Sorry.” combines rock and pop elements inspired by bands like The Strokes, The 1975, Coldplay, and many more. It’s a combination of youthful energy and out-of-control rock with the engaging melodies and colors of modern pop. Lyrically, he exposes the hardships of growing up in a stifling environment that didn't accept creative and LGBTQIA+ people. But yet, highlights the beauty of becoming who you want to become, regardless of the constant pressure to adhere to the norm.


A soon-to-be queer icon amongst LGBTQIA+ artists. From fronting his band The Wild Frontiers to playing artistically driven solo shows, Trent Rush shows a fire on stage and in the studio that never dies. Burning his way through the industry through impeccable live performance, down-to-earth yet obscure songwriting, and a make it or break it attitude both in the studio and on the road.




Channeling his early influences of seeing his dad drum for the famous Dallas band, Ugly Mustard, as well as many other bands growing up around the Dallas music scene, Trent’s live shows are not only musically engaging but are always an "event". Whether it’s an intimate gig by himself with just his voice and an acoustic guitar or a full band with production, crowd interaction is always a natural instinct. Dallas blogger “The Music Enthusiast," writes, "Sporting some glasses...that looked similar to something, say, Elton John might wear, to a glittery scarf draped around his neck, Rush and company had no trouble captivating the attention of everyone..."


Pulling in old-school production ideas like strobes, snow machines, video, & creative lighting interweaved throughout the show, people find it hard to not feel captivated. But ultimately, it’s still all about the songs. Powerful and addicting songs that engage both new and returning audiences to scream to every single show. 


The Strokes | Coldplay | Catfish and the Bottlemen | Kings of Leon | The 1975 | Cage the Elephant | Blue October | Imagine Dragons | Young The Giant | Twenty One Pilots | John Mayer | Neon Trees | The Killers | A.G. Cook