Trent Rush is a rock band artist originating from Dallas, Texas. Just releasing his first full length record, co-written and produced by awarding winning songwriter Zac Maloy, Trent is constantly playing shows in and around Texas in support of the record release. The new record entitled “Thank You. Please. I Love You. I’m Sorry.,” combines the rock influences of The Strokes and Catfish and the Bottlemen, with the pop musical aesthetics of Coldplay and The 1975. It’s a beautiful combination of youthful energy and out of control rock with the engaging melodies and sonic colors of modern rock/pop. Lyrically it exposes the hardships of growing up in an environment that often doesn’t accept creative and out-of-the-ordinary personalities. But then highlights the inspirational triumph of becoming who you want to become, including the realization and happiness of your own acceptance.




Growing up as the son of international industrial rock band Ugly Mustard’s drummer Fred Rush, seemed to give Trent a perspective and thirst for music and theatrical performing. Trent says, “I remember seeing my Dad pounding his drums behind the band. The stage was covered in tubes and the band was hanging upside down on wires over the crowd while playing their instruments. Meanwhile, the singer was rising out of the floor of the stage via a hydraulic powered pulpit. The songs and the sound were so powerful and the lights were going crazy. Everyone in the audience was freaking out. Right then and there is when I knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life.”


Starting and joining several bands at an early age, Trent settled in as the front man and guitar player in what was to become a popular Dallas band, Welcome To Wednesday. After a 3 year successful run, other members of the band decided to pursue different careers and/or geographical restarts. Always knowing what he wanted to do, Trent continued on and kept voraciously writing, performing and collaborating with a number of artists and producers. It’s in this time that Trent honed in on his musical direction obsessing over many sorts of influences from singer/songwriters Glen Hansard,  John Mayer, and Ed Sheeran to bands like the Strokes, Blue October, Coldplay, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Killers, and the 1975.


It was time to start making his mark and recording his vision. Several industry people had an eye on Trent, but it was Zac Maloy (lead singer from 90’s blockbuster band The Nixons and successful award winning songwriter for Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Bowling For Soup) who contacted Trent with a high interest in producing Trent’s music. It was then that a long-term writing and producing partnership started. Over the next year and half Zac and Trent worked together in what was to become Trent’s first full length record, “Thank You. Please. I Love You. I’m Sorry.,” 


UPDATE: The latest single “Cars Apart” has been released! You can listen on this site, or listen on the Trent Rush YouTube channel:




Trent has been a student of, in fact obsessing over, the art of songwriting. His early musical influences were all based on iconic songwriting: U2, Coldplay, The Beatles, Nirvana, Alanis Morsette, Glen Hansard in the independent film “Once,” David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Justin Furstenfeld (Blue October), Peter Gabriel, Shawn Mullins, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer...even HBO’s “Flight of the Concords.” At 14 year’s old, he started playing more guitar and writing himself. Trent’s Dad laughs and reminisces, “When Trent was 15, he played his first fully written song to his mom and me. It was about an assassin. Our first reactions was ‘Is our son ok?’ (we would find out a few minutes later it was inspired by a video game he was playing). But, our immediate second reaction was, ‘Wow! He has that gift to write. This is a really good song!’ He still plays that song at pretty much every show, [‘Wire']” He attended songwriting seminars. He read online articles and discussions about songwriting. He collaborated with other musicians, young and old. He started playing acoustic shows and open mic nights to try out song after song after song. Kids his age would be out partying, and Trent would be out busking at the local mall.




Channeling his early influences of seeing so many creative and interactive shows while growing up around the Dallas music scene, Trent’s live shows are not only musically engaging, but are always a “show.” Whether it’s an intimate gig by himself acoustically, or a full band with full production, entertainment and crowd interaction is always a natural  priority. Dallas blogger “The Music Enthusiast” writes, "Sporting some glasses...that looked similar to something, say, Elton John might wear, to a glittery scarf draped around his neck, Rush and company had no trouble captivating the attention of everyone..." And, pulling in old-school production ideas, like strobes, snow machines, video, creative lighting are interweaved into the shows. But, it’s still all about the songs. Powerful and addicting songs that engage both new and returning audiences to sing and celebrate every show.




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